Had my first RAW meal! Took an extra long lunchbreak overlooking the beach at Organic’s Connection Cafe in Whiterock, BC.

It’s certainly nice working with your husband when he’ll treat you to lunch and doesn’t even mind when you choose a completely raw and vegan restaurant.

He was actually totally impressed with his raw seed and nut burger, it was super crispy and tasted like BBQ. My raw pizza was equally delicious, the crust was actually really cheesy tasting and was amazing topped with marinara sauce and cashew ricotta.

I also finally got to try a raw cashew cheesecake, I always eye them up at the vegan bakery by my house but had yet to try one. Amazing! Definitely better than traditional cheesecake. Very smooth, rich and lemony. (Sorry for the crappy picture, I dug in to it too quickly)

Now I just need to get myself a blendtec and pump out some of these delicious raw treats.